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It was necessary to replace all the keys and pedals on the original traveling carillon. They activated the 35 bells for over 40 years, played 10,000 shows, created music for a Pope, rock stars and millions of people. For those of you wishing to own a part of this historic carillon of Cast in Bronze, these original keys are being offered at what it cost to replace them.  They can be purchased for $250.00 each. Each key will be autographed with a certificate of authentication. To order your historic key, please call Cast in Bronze at (610) 469-0261.

Poster – Cast In Bronze

15″ x 13″
Order poster Poster @ $10.00

The Bells – Book

This book was written with the hopes of being transformed into a live musical project for Cast in Bronze.

The Bells takes place in the year 1799 in Douai, France. One courageous woman’s quest to bring back the bells that have disappeared brings her far more than she ever imagined!

Don’t miss this opportunity to read this moving and inspiring story of courage, love, hope and destiny for yourself.

Order book The Bells @ $15.00

The Bell Man – The Autobiography of the Man Who Created Cast in Bronze

Imagine you play a musical instrument so rare, no one knows it exists…

Inspiration comes through people, not from people. It comes from another place and does not belong to you. It is meant to be shared with everyone.

The Bell Man is the autobiography of Frank DellaPenna, the creator of one of the most unique musical acts ever witnessed: Cast in Bronze – combining the magical sound of a rarely seen medieval instrument of bells called a carillon with other instruments for the first time in history. He reveals secrets of his past, and walks you through his life’s journey that ultimately led him to his destiny. This book will inspire anyone who has a dream…

Order book The Bell Man @ $15.00